Monday, April 23, 2007

Introduction to Pastor Tony's Blog

This is my first blog, so I'll give you a brief introduction. I'm a pastor at a southern Dutchess County church. I plan to give my thoughts on various aspects of life, often looking at current events or life in general from a Christian worldview (which we don't often see in the media). I plan to point out the inconsistencies and aburdities of life, as well as to give some spiritual insights and inspirational words. In areas that I am familiar with that are in the news, I'll try to give my insights and point out where the media is a bit off-target in its reporting (or provide additional background).
I don't view this blog as a preaching tool, but I will, as appropriate, include excepts from my sermons, words of hope, and expressions of faith. While I am a Christian and a Protestant, I'm hoping this blog will be read by everybody: Catholic and Protestant, Christian and non-Christian. To that end, I will occasionally point out where Christians are coming from so as to give non-Christians some insight into the Christian mindset (realizing that all Christians do not think alike). Understanding someone else helps in establishing peace and harmony. We may agree to disagree, but at least we can understand and respect each other's viewpoints.

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