Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Middle Eastern Refugee Dilemma

Thousands of people are fleeing Syria and other Middle Eastern countries because of the fighting and bombing taking place. They aren’t migrating to Europe for economic reasons, but to save their lives. Most of these refugees are Muslim.

At the same time, Islamic terrorists are attacking Europe and planning more attacks if their propaganda is to be believed. This creates a dilemma for European countries and the U.S. From a practical point of view, we should ask these questions:

-How can we expect a country absorb so many people so quickly, people who don’t speak the language, and are culturally different?

-How can we find jobs for so many people?

-How will medical facilities and social services cope with such an influx?

While these are important considerations, the main sticking point is that Western countries will be welcoming people who are affiliated with a religion and culture that are hostile to Western culture and the Christian religion. What might happen if we let these people in?

-Terrorists may sneak into a country posing as refugees.

-Some of the refugees may become radicalized as has happened to other Muslims in the West.

-It’s impossible to check the backgrounds of these refugees because the countries they are leaving are in chaos.

So the dilemma is: do we show our compassion for these people who are fleeing for their lives, or do we make safety and security our main concern and don’t risk problems by letting the refugees into our countries?

The Western countries are generally compassionate as a result of our Judeo-Christian ethic. On the other hand, the first priority of any government is the safety and security of its citizens.

Another consideration is this: why don’t the oil-rich Middle Eastern countries take in many of these refugees? Language is the same, culture is the same, religion is the same. The refugees could be more easily absorbed into those societies than into the West. Where’s Saudi Arabia in all this? They have billions of dollars from oil revenue and they can’t take care of their fellow Muslims?! They leave it up to us.

Write your governor, senator, and congressman with your position on the matter so they can make decisions based on the will of the people. Pray that they’ll make the right decision, whatever that may be. Pray for the safety of the people, and pray that Western intelligence services uncover and thwart all planned terrorist plans. Finally, pray for President Obama and Congress, that they will act firmly and decisively to defeat those groups who want to harm us.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More Thoughts on Terrorism

We Are at War

The western nations were rightfully outraged when the terrorists struck Paris in January 2015. They were even more outraged by this most recent attack, on November 13, 2015.The President of France called this aggression “war”, and that’s what it is. Unfortunately some western leaders, most notably President Obama, refuse to accept that reality. ISIS and other Islamic fanatics know they are at war with the West, but despite numerous attacks on innocent civilians, the West doesn’t get it. Don’t these leaders know they are putting their people at severe risk? Have we lost the will to fight for our survival as a nation and for security for future generations? Do we really want to live under Sharia law?

What about Israel?

While everyone is rightfully outraged by these latest attacks in France, where’s the outrage when Israel is attacked? With Islamic militants shooting 11,000 rockets from Gaza into Israel since 2005 and 4,000 rockets from Lebanon in 2006 alone, where’s the outrage? With the Arab militants constantly breaking the cease-fire agreement they signed with Israel, where’s the outrage?

The outrage comes when Israel eventually retaliates and bombs Palestinian strongholds in an attempt to stop the rockets and protect its citizens. All of a sudden the world jumps all over Israel for bombing poor, innocent Gaza. How many countries would tolerate continuous rocket attacks like Israel has had to endure? Yet the Europeans and U.S. liberals are quick to condemn Israel for doing what any country would do: try to protect its citizens. Talking doesn’t do any good, treaties are useless, so Israel must resort to military options. Can you blame them?

When Israel does retaliate, the liberal press condemns Israel for killing civilians. Meanwhile, where are the Palestinian rockets aimed? At population centers, in an attempt to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible. If the press criticizes Israel for killing Palestinian civilians, they should criticize the Palestinians for using human shields, and for using hospitals and schools for their operations, guaranteeing there will be civilian casualties.

To show how naïve Obama is, he’s signed a terrible treaty with Iran that benefits them and we get very little. You can be sure Iran will break the treaty as soon as it’s convenient for them to do so.

In the U.S. next November, we will have to opportunity to vote in a new President and various senators and representatives. We must pick a President who is a leader, isn’t naïve, is willing to stand up to ISIS, and is a strategic thinker. Too bad Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t available.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another Attack

Once again there has been a major terrorist attack, this time in Paris again. It appears that ISIS is responsible. As ISIS gains strength and other terrorist groups get bolder, the world must stand up and seriously deal with this ongoing threat.

What can we do? Plenty. I’m no expert but I believe western countries could do the following at a minimum to defeat those who seek to destroy us.


The Allies defeated the Axis powers in World War II because they were fully committed. The U.S. was on a war footing, with much of our resources devoted to the war effort. Failure was not an option.

While the nature of today’s war is different from WWII, there is no less need for total commitment. The weapons of today can be very destructive. Think of cyber warfare as an example. The allies must use all weapons at their disposal, including propaganda, cyber, and military.


The Allies defeated the Axis powers in World War II because they were united in their resolve to defeat the enemy. The U.S. provided supplies and equipment to its allies. For example, Studebaker trucks by the thousands were sent to Russia, which made huge difference in its ability to transport goods and troops to the front. It’s said that those trucks were a significant factor in defeating the Nazis. With Russia as an ally, both the U.S. and Russia can redirect resources to fighting the war on terrorism.

If we are to win the war against Islamic terrorism, Russia must become our ally, similar to what happened in WWII. I don’t know what it will take to do that, but I would hope that Putin would realize that it’s in his best interest to share intelligence data with other countries for the good of Russia as well as the whole alliance. Russia must get over its historic mistrust of the West.


The Allies defeated the Axis powers in World War II because there were no restraints put on the military. In Vietnam, for example, the military was forbidden to go certain places and do certain things, and I’ve read where there were similar restrictions put in place in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you’re going to fight a war, do it right.

In the case of Islamic terrorism, the allies must fight to win, meaning the total destruction of ISIS and other terrorist organizations, including destruction of training camps. Why these training camps aren’t bombed is a mystery to me. We must know where they are. Why can’t we destroy them?

People suspected of terrorist ties or for whom there is evidence of radicalization, should be deported and never allowed back into the country. This includes those who have traveled to certain countries where terrorist training takes place. International borders must be made more secure. It might be a good idea to restrict the free flow of people across borders in the European Community for the time being.


As long as there are Hitlers in the world and there are movements like Islamic jihad there will be conflict. Distasteful and repugnant as war is, our survival as a free country is at stake. Israel’s enemies want to totally destroy it (“push it into the sea”). Now the west is faced with a similar threat: destruction of our way of life, living instead in a harsh caliphate sunder sharia law.

Unconventional wars such as the war against terrorism are difficult to fight in a free society. Moreover, many of our enemies are within, even citizens of our country (such as France and England especially) Our freedom and openness make us vulnerable. So does our compassionate nature. Look at what the Europeans are doing: letting in thousands of refugees from Syria and other Islamic countries. Once those refugees get settled, sleeper cells will be established and they will carry out terrorist attacks. But the west’s Judeo-Christian ethic dictates that we show compassion and help these refugees, many of them fleeing for their lives.

We hear talk of “the war on terrorism” but are we really fighting against those who seek to dominate us? Have we become so complacent that we no longer have the will to fight, and will we, like ancient Rome, fall to the barbarians at our door?

Not only should we do what I wrote above, but most importantly we must turn back to the God who has blessed us as a nation. The jihadists are fighting us in the name of their god, so shouldn’t we seek the help of our God? If we don’t return to the faith of our fathers, then I don’t know what will become of us. One thing I do know, and that is, it won’t be pretty.