Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Take Out the Garbage

I read something recently in a daily devotional that made me think, and reminded me of the garbage in yours and my life. I always look forward to garbage pickup day, which may seem a little strange. But I like getting all that garbage out of the house each week and starting afresh.

Life is like that too. We accumulate a lot of garbage that we need to get rid of. If we don’t get rid of it, it starts to smell and eventually ruin our life. In the Christian faith, we are encouraged to turn our garbage over to Jesus. We do that by confessing, or telling Jesus what the garbage is. We acknowledge we can’t do it alone, and ask for Jesus’ help. We then have to surrender our will to his, meaning we will let God’s Holy Spirit work in us to keep us from going back to the same old ways.

To do this we must practice the various spiritual disciplines, such as attending weekly worship services, praying often throughout the day, have a daily meditation (such as using a daily devotional), and participating in a Bible study. That may seem like a lot of work, but it isn’t. These eventually become part of your life, and pretty soon you can’t imagine a day without them. Think of all the time we waste watching TV or listening to the radio. Spend some of that time with Jesus, and pretty soon the amount of garbage in your life will diminish.

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