Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sinful Humankind Messes Up Everything

If you don’t believe that humans have a sin nature, you are either naïve or not paying attention. I am reminded of the sinfulness of mankind when I see how every good invention is misused and abused.

The telephone: a wonderful and revolutionary invention in its day. Now it’s used for prank calls, annoying telemarketing calls, and scams. Things are so bad that many people have unlisted numbers and we have to have government “do not call” lists.

TV: another beneficial development, but the quality of network shows has gotten so bad that network viewership continues is long slide downward. Even the family hour is sex-saturated with innuendo, potty humor, and other inappropriate programming.

The Internet: another revolutionary development, but now it is a major source of hard core porn, kiddie porn, scams, stalking, computer viruses, adware, spyware, and other bad things. What scares me is that it didn’t take very long for the Internet to be abused, while it took a lot longer for the telephone and TV to get to that point. What does that tell you about the state of society?

Cell Phones: this is becoming the instrument people are beginning to hate. Rude people talk loudly on their cell phones in public places, and incredibly rude people talk on their phones while out with other people, often in a restaurant (what does that say about his or her opinion of those he or she is with at the moment?) People don’t bother to turn off their phones when they should, so they ring when they should have been turned off.

Cars: they are abused (and become lethal weapons) by reckless or drunk drivers.

Even God-given natural things are abused when they are not used as God intended, such as sex and food. Just about every good and beneficial thing has been abused by a sinful human race. So my point is that because we are so sinful, we need a Savior. As a Christian, I believe that Savior is Jesus Christ. As a follower of Christ, a person is not perfect (remember the church is full of hypocrites!), but at least we are trying, with the help of God (we can’t do it alone). No matter what your religion, why not start attending church, synagogue or mosque? We are all sinners and we all need God. Our behavior proves it!

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