Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Jersey abortion clinics not inspected, few states are

Below is a news item of interest. Remember this article when Planned Parenthood speaks so self-righteously about caring for women and their rights. What about their safety?

by Steve Jordahl

The state has four clinics that perform late term abortions. Three of the four have gone five or more years without a state health inspection. When she discovered that an abortion clinic in Englewood, New Jersey was shut down because a woman almost died from a botched abortion, Marie Tasy of New Jersey Right to Life asked that other clinics be looked into as well.

“When they went in they found all kinds of filthy conditions and un-sterile conditions. They found blood crusted on forceps and blood on the operating tables.” The state’s largest abortion clinic is still being ignored by state health inspectors. “Planned Parenthood of central New Jersey, which is one of their main operating Planned Parenthoods in the tri-state area, has not been inspected for at least seven years.”

Alabama law requires clinic inspections. Eric Johnston of the Southeast Law Institute says even that doesn’t guarantee timely inspections. “And because they didn’t make those inspections, the clinics were just operating basically the way they wanted to. We found that was in violation of a number of the regulations.”

Denise Burke of Americans United for Life says inspected abortion clinics are the exception rather than the rule. “Despite the fact that 27 states have some degree of abortion clinic regulation requiring some sort of state oversight and inspection, we are finding that a significant majority of states are not fulfilling their inspection duties.”

Increasing the danger to the mother.

Quoted from Family News in Focus, © 2007 Focus on the Family Action, Inc.,

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