Friday, January 16, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson

Yesterday (Jan. 15) a plane landed in the Hudson River off Manhattan, with no deaths and minimal injuries. The plane stayed afloat and many boats appeared within minutes to rescue the survivors. This incident has been called the “Miracle on the Hudson”.

The term “miracle” implies divine intervention, something supernatural that often goes against the laws of nature. Is that what occurred? Look at the facts:

-The engine problem occurred where the plane, having lost power, could glide over to the river and land.
-The plane didn’t break up when it hit the water.
-Most of the passengers didn’t have to go into the frigid water or spent only a very short time with part of their bodies in the water.
-The plane stayed afloat long enough for everybody to evacuate.
-Boats appeared almost immediately to rescue the passengers.

Certainly the skill of the pilot and the thorough training of the crew contributed to the good outcome of this accident. Looking at the facts, however, I do believe there was divine intervention as well. Let’s give praise to God for his protection!

As I’ve said before and this airplane accident demonstrates, God doesn’t always stop something tragic from happening – although I suspect he does much more than we realize. For example, if the plane had just missed those birds, nobody would have known how close they came to hitting them and how God spared them.

When something tragic does happen, you can be sure God is there with you – to help you, guide you, give you strength, and give you comfort. However, if you ignore God for most of your life, then you won’t be receptive to God’s help in times of trial. That’s why it’s a good idea to life a life close to God by being a follower, attend weekly services, pray daily, and study the Bible regularly. Then, when things get tough, you’ll be tuned in to God and be able to enjoy the peace that only he can give.

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