Friday, March 13, 2009

Central Hudson Utility Rate Hikes

I read in the Poughkeepsie Journal today (Friday, 3/13) that Central Hudson Gas and Electric (“CH”) wants to raise its rates. CH’s lame excuse for this proposed increase is that conservation has reduced their revenue. So we are told to conserve energy, and then we get penalized for it! What’s wrong with this picture?

This is another example of the morally bankrupt thinking that has ruined our economy and resulted in the Northeast being so expensive. CH is merely following the example of local governments, which have significantly increased property taxes because sales tax revenue is down. So your local government is hitting you with tax increases when there is higher unemployment, the risk of more layoffs, people having lost wealth, and retired people’s income is down because of stock market losses. Nothing like kicking people when they are down. Thank you, elected officials.

Unfortunately, CH doesn’t have the backbone or the competence to adjust to the “new normal” of decreased revenue due to conservation. Why don’t CH and the various municipalities try cutting back on frivolous and unnecessary spending? Why not eliminate duplication, waste, and pet projects? No wonder more and more people are leaving New York State for less expensive states. I know I’m certainly going to retire elsewhere when the time comes.

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