Thursday, July 2, 2009

New York State’s Mess

As a citizen of New York Sate, I am embarrassed by and furious with our politicians. This total inaction as both parties jockey for leadership is unacceptable. The additional tax on residents of certain counties to help pay for the MTA budget shortfall is absurd and unfair. All the political game-playing and lack of will to reduce costs is not in the best interests of the state.

Here’s a novel idea: THROW THE BUMS OUT!

As a matter of principle, I’m voting against the incumbents in the next election. If everybody did that, eventually we would have all new representatives who hopefully would get the message: Do Your Job! Conduct the people’s business, not the party’s business, not your own personal business, but THE PEOPLE’S BUSINESS!

I believe the actions of our government representatives from the governor on down have been immoral and unethical. They promised to serve the people, and have not. They were voted in with the understanding that they are the people’s representatives, and they have not been. That makes them liars and cheats in my opinion, not to mention irresponsible.

Let me warn you, if NYS continues on these paths with the same old leadership, we will collapse under our own weight of inefficiency, high taxes, inaction, and lack of will. We are certainly no longer The Empire State, but have become the Do Nothing State. Another warning: everybody thinks the folks in Albany are bozos, but my senator or representative is OK. Don’t fall into the trap – vote the bum out, even if you think he or she is OK. The problem is systemic, and the system must be thoroughly purged to become functional again.

On July 4 we commemorate our independence. Did we struggle against corrupt leaders (King George and Parliament) and oppressive taxes just to have it all over again 200+ years later? Living in a democracy, we citizens have a responsibility. If we don’t let our voices be heard, then we’ll get the government we deserve.

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