Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Drunk Causes 8 Deaths

A couple of weeks ago there was a terrible traffic accident on the Taconic Parkway near Hawthorn, New York. A woman was driving the wrong way on this divided highway, keeping in her lane as cars swerved to avoid her. Finally she crashed into an oncoming car, killing all three men in that car in addition to four kids and herself in her car.

This was a big mystery, since nobody could figure out how she could have made such a terrible mistake in broad daylight, and not even react when she was obviously driving against the traffic. Finally the mystery has been cleared up. She was drunk and high on marijuana.

This is an example of how one person’s behavior can affect others. This woman’s irresponsible behavior caused the death of herself, her child, her brother’s children, and three others. What could make this even worse is that if her family knew of these tendencies and let her drive anyway. Sometimes family and/or friends must intervene.

Before doing something, such as drinking and driving, think of the possible consequences to yourself and others. I think, not only of this woman and her family, but of the New Jersey politicians that were arrested recently for taking bribes. What were they thinking? They brought shame upon themselves, their families, their cities and towns, and on the state of New Jersey. I think of the various politicians who have been caught in sexual sin, from Gov. Spitzer of New York to Gov. Sanford of South Carolina, and a lot of others. These things have a way of getting found out, so why did they think they were going to get away with it? Their careers are ruined, they and their families disgraced, their children ashamed, and their marriages gone.

There are consequences to your actions. Do the right thing, and the consequences will be positive. Do the wrong things, and there will most likely be disaster.

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