Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Cancer Guidelines

The recent change in guidelines for mammograms and breast self-examinations highlights one aspect of science that is frequently ignored. Science is ever-changing. New research results in new hypotheses or theories. Yesterday’s scientific “fact” becomes today’s discarded theory.

That’s why it makes me angry when people base many of their opinions and beliefs on “science” as if it were infallible and unchanging. In fact it isn’t infallible and it is constantly changing. Moreover, there is a lot of bad science out there. Studies are seriously flawed from a methodology point of view or are manipulated to fit a preconceived result. For example, it could turn out upon closer examination that this study had flaws in methodology, assumptions or interpretation of data.

While science is good in many ways, we must remember its limitations. Biblical principles are unchanging, handed down by God to guide us in our living. When “science” conflicts with biblical principles, we should go with the biblical principles.

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