Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Visit of the Wise Men (Part 4)

IV. Conclusion

The story of the visit of the Magi is endearing even if it is has some unknowns and mysteries. The important thing is that the messages of this visit aren’t lost, which are:

●Jesus came for all, and is available to all, Jew and Gentile, slave and free, male and female.

●Jesus meets us where we are.

●The gifts they brought reflect who Jesus is and why he came to earth:
(a) Gold for a king;
(b) Incense for God;
(c) Myrrh for the death Jesus would suffer.

As we enter the New Year, remember that Jesus came for you, he loves you, and wants you for his own. When somebody looks elsewhere for peace, comfort, guidance, or spiritual help, they are discounting Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God has all the answers, it’s God who really cares about you, and it’s the Holy Spirit who gives you what you need in terms of spiritual help. Don’t be looking in all the wrong places, when the God of the universe is only a prayer away.

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