Thursday, March 4, 2010

Albany Follies

Politics in New York is always an adventure, and now there’s even more drama than we need. Gov. Paterson is under fire for alleged ethics violations. I wonder how many of these accusations are real and how many are overblown by the media and Paterson’s enemies. You don’t know who to believe.

Nevertheless, Gov. Paterson isn’t exactly Mr. Clean. When you haven’t always acted in a moral and ethical fashion and have done questionable things in your past, you are vulnerable to accusations, false or not. So the moral of the story is, have such a reputation for integrity than nobody would possibly believe any false accusations brought against you.

I’ve had false accusations brought against me at work (back when I was in the business world), but they didn’t stick because my superiors knew that I wouldn’t do such things. If, on the other hand, I had a history of being morally or ethically challenged, then those lies would have been more believable. But because of my reputation, these fabrications were quickly dismissed.

Another moral of the story is that you shouldn’t think you’ll get away with it, whether you’re a public figure or not, because you won’t. Certainly public figures are under a lot of scrutiny, and we’ve seen plenty of their wrongdoings exposed. Rep. Charles Rangel is a good example. While less public, other folks also get found out and their lives ruined. While staying close to God does not mean you won’t be tempted, a close relationship with God will give you the strength to resist temptations. So go to church on Sunday, read a daily devotional in the morning, have a daily time of prayer, and attend a Bible study. Then you will have a more fulfilled life and will be less vulnerable to temptation.

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