Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japanese Heroes

In any disaster, there are heroes. Some rescue others at great risk to themselves. Some put themselves in harm’s way so that others might survive. I believe we are seeing that with the workers in the nuclear power plants. I can’t imagine what conditions are like for the workers in those plants. With no electricity and overheated nuclear fuel nearby, the ambient temperature in the control room must be very uncomfortable. Of course these workers don’t even know if they are going to live or die. Who knows how much radiation they have already been exposed to?

In addition, they must be under terrible stress to resolve the problem and prevent an even worse disaster. They’ve probably had very little sleep and food, and they probably don’t even know whether their families survived the tsunami. I can’t begin to appreciate what they are going through physically and emotionally. Moreover, if their families did survive, they must be worried sick about their loved ones working in those power plants under wretched conditions.

As we pray for the situation in Japan, let’s remember those workers and their families. They are the unsung heroes who may not even survive this tragedy.

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