Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HawthoRNe Degenerates

Recently I published a post praising the writers of the TV program HawthoRNe because they are having some of their characters openly express their religious faith. Last night’s program (July 19) makes me wonder if it isn’t degenerating into a sleazy soap opera.

In last night’s episode, the main character, the recently married Hawthorne (played by Jada Pinkett Smith), commits adultery with her former boyfriend (played by Marc Anthony), and her young daughter is aggressively pursuing an older married man, telling him that she loves him. I didn’t see any expressions of faith, only infidelity.

Because of the sleazy turn the show has made, I’m going to withhold my judgment for now. If next week’s episode continues with this soap opera, then we won’t be watching it any more. It’s too bad Hollywood writers must take a decent show with human interest and good storylines and turn it into something of lesser quality.

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