Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Nature of Hamas

I’m not an expert on the Middle East, but I know a lot more about it than most Americans, especially when it comes to the 20th Century history of Palestine. When you know history, then you understand how we got to where we are and perhaps have a good idea of where we might be headed. History helps us to understand the terrorist organization Hamas. Let’s take a look at Hamas and what it really is and stands for.

First of all, we must clearly understand that Hamas is a terrorist organization, not a legitimate country or movement. Even some Islamic countries and organizations view them as a dangerous terrorist organization. Hamas can’t be considered equivalent to Israel, just as Al-Qaeda can’t be considered the equivalent of the United States.

Second, Hamas grew out of the Arab belief that the state of Israel is illegitimate, it is occupying land that rightfully belongs to Arabs, and must be eradicated. Everything Hamas does is with this philosophy in mind.

Third, Hamas is willing to sacrifice the Palestinian people to achieve its goal of eliminating Israel. Humanitarian cease-fires are broken by Hamas, they use human shields, they occupy and hide weapons in UN buildings, schools, and hospitals, and they are willing to have much of Gaza destroyed rather than try for an agreement with Israel.

Fourth, it’s their job. By that, I mean that even if there were to be a negotiated settlement in which Hamas got most of what it wanted, it wouldn’t be satisfied. If the members of Hamas stopped their terrorist activities, what would they do? They’d be out of a job. So reaching an agreement, while desirable, is probably impossible.

Fifth, they hate us too.

So when you listen to news reports on what’s happening between Israel and Hamas, keep in mind what we’re dealing with – a bunch of vicious fanatics dedicated to wiping out a people and a nation.

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