Saturday, January 17, 2015

Good will come out of these attacks

The horror of the attacks in France and the potential for similar ones in Belgium have galvanized support for a united front against Islamic terrorism. Until now, most of Europe was sitting on the sidelines of the War on Terror (for the most part), and letting Uncle Sam do most of the heavy lifting. I believe that is going to change because of the almost universal outrage.

Fortunately the “bad guys” make strategic errors that help the “good guys” to eventually defeat them. For example, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, awakening a sleeping giant which ultimately defeated them. Hitler attacked the Soviet Union, opening up a second front. He was defeated. I believe that we will start to see more being done against terrorism by the European and other countries. France has already dispatched an aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean to fight against ISIS. The hacking group “Anonymous” is disrupting terrorist computer systems. I would like to see Russia join with us and Europe to fight against radical Islamic terrorists so we can truly present a united front.

By the way, there should also be outrage for the atrocities being committed against people in Nigeria and other countries. What’s taken the world so long to recognize what a threat these radical groups are to the stability and well-being of the world?

One last point. In tracking down terrorist cells, we may lose some of our privacy. That’s all right with me, and should be with you. I figure if I’m not doing something illegal, immoral, or evil, I really don’t care about some loss of privacy. I’d rather give up some privacy than endure a terrorist attack.

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