Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Is ISIS Islamic?

You may think the question “Is ISIS Islamic?” strange. “Of course they are Islamic. What else could they be?” might be the reply. Let’s take a look at that question in some depth.

ISIS followers are Islamic in name, culture, and religious background. However, they break many rules of Islam in their brutal killing of innocent people. They don’t even show mercy to fellow Muslims, engaging in wholesale killing of surrendered soldiers and even burning alive that Jordanian pilot. Since they disobey Qur’anic rules, I don’t think we can consider ISIS to be representative of Islam or to be religious in any way. They are using Islam for their own nefarious purposes: to gain power, territory, and legitimacy.

Having said that, I believe our struggle is a spiritual one to a large extent. If they are invoking their god, then shouldn’t we be praying to God for help and protection? Ultimately the battle is the Lord’s. (see future post on spiritual warfare)

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