Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More Thoughts on Terrorism

We Are at War

The western nations were rightfully outraged when the terrorists struck Paris in January 2015. They were even more outraged by this most recent attack, on November 13, 2015.The President of France called this aggression “war”, and that’s what it is. Unfortunately some western leaders, most notably President Obama, refuse to accept that reality. ISIS and other Islamic fanatics know they are at war with the West, but despite numerous attacks on innocent civilians, the West doesn’t get it. Don’t these leaders know they are putting their people at severe risk? Have we lost the will to fight for our survival as a nation and for security for future generations? Do we really want to live under Sharia law?

What about Israel?

While everyone is rightfully outraged by these latest attacks in France, where’s the outrage when Israel is attacked? With Islamic militants shooting 11,000 rockets from Gaza into Israel since 2005 and 4,000 rockets from Lebanon in 2006 alone, where’s the outrage? With the Arab militants constantly breaking the cease-fire agreement they signed with Israel, where’s the outrage?

The outrage comes when Israel eventually retaliates and bombs Palestinian strongholds in an attempt to stop the rockets and protect its citizens. All of a sudden the world jumps all over Israel for bombing poor, innocent Gaza. How many countries would tolerate continuous rocket attacks like Israel has had to endure? Yet the Europeans and U.S. liberals are quick to condemn Israel for doing what any country would do: try to protect its citizens. Talking doesn’t do any good, treaties are useless, so Israel must resort to military options. Can you blame them?

When Israel does retaliate, the liberal press condemns Israel for killing civilians. Meanwhile, where are the Palestinian rockets aimed? At population centers, in an attempt to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible. If the press criticizes Israel for killing Palestinian civilians, they should criticize the Palestinians for using human shields, and for using hospitals and schools for their operations, guaranteeing there will be civilian casualties.

To show how naïve Obama is, he’s signed a terrible treaty with Iran that benefits them and we get very little. You can be sure Iran will break the treaty as soon as it’s convenient for them to do so.

In the U.S. next November, we will have to opportunity to vote in a new President and various senators and representatives. We must pick a President who is a leader, isn’t naïve, is willing to stand up to ISIS, and is a strategic thinker. Too bad Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t available.

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