Friday, May 25, 2007

Evolution – What’s Wrong with It?

The Theory of Evolution has been a contentious issue for quite some time. Some wonder what all the fuss is about, and others think that those who reject it are ignorant fundamentalists who ignore “science” and rely on myths and fairy tales. Let me make a few points about the debate for your consideration (especially if you have children).

(1) The Theory of Evolution is not “science” in the classic sense. Science in its purest form is the study of repeatable and observable events or controlled experiments. The formation of the universe and the appearance of various species on the planet are neither repeatable nor observable. Those who reject evolution are not necessarily rejecting “science” but are rejecting one particular explanation of historical events that many scientists believe (but still is not categorically proven – otherwise it would be a “law” such as the law of gravity or the laws of thermodynamics).

(2) Nevertheless, evidence of these events, sketchy as it is, has been studied in a rigorous way to try to determine how they occurred. Since this is “science” in some form, any conclusions involving God (or an “Intelligent Designer”) are not allowed, no matter how obvious they may be. Therefore, evolution is the only “scientific” explanation for now.

(3) Creationists believe God created everything in the universe. At one end of the spectrum are those who believe the literal six day account in Genesis. On the other end of the spectrum are those who say God used some sort of evolutionary process for his divine purposes, and was in complete control of the process. Creationists look to the incredible complexity of life, especially higher forms, as proof of an “Intelligent Designer.”

(4) “Pure” evolution excludes God entirely – everything resulted from random mutations over millions of years. The whole purpose of evolution is to come up with a way of explaining creation without the Creator. If you don’t believe me, read some of what Darwin wrote about God and Christianity – he hated both.

(5) Since the study of evolution is not “science” in its pure sense as explained above, then it is really a form of faith, similar to any religion. It worships the god of science and evolution is its creed. Why do I say that? Because the theory is unproven with many gaps in the fossil record and no transitional species found. Looking at the complexity of human beings, it takes more faith to accept that this happened through random mutations than it does to believe in a Divine Designer. It takes a strong faith to look at a porpoise and say it evolved from a land animal (especially since no transitional fossils have been found). If you really know all of the holes in the theory and still believe in it, then you have more faith than most religious people.

(6) I believe in adaptation, since it can be readily observed. However, I can’t buy Darwinism (meaning one species turning into another) because its sole purpose is to exclude God from the equation, it has more holes in it than Swiss cheese, and it can’t adequately explain the complexity of life. It also has in it the seeds of racism (“some races are more highly evolved than others”). Hitler was an avid Darwinist and used Darwinism to justify his persecution of “inferior races” such as the Jews and Slavs.

Regardless of what our kids are told in school, I believe Christian parents need to inform them that God is the Creator and evolution is an unproven theory, not a scientifically proven fact as they are led to believe. They obviously have to play the game at school in order to pass exams, but let them know that there is much more to creation than the godless theory of evolution. The more we move God out of their thinking, the further down the wrong path our children will go.

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