Monday, August 6, 2007

Energy Policy Ideas: Part II

There are a number of reasons why this country should have a good energy policy in place.

First, we are dependent of foreign oil. This is a very risky position for us to be in, especially when you consider who our main sources of supply are.

Second, because we import so much oil, every month that US has a large unfavorable balance of trade. This is not healthy for the economy.

Third, we are consuming nonrenewable sources of energy. We are leaving a terrible legacy to our children and grandchildren, who will have to deal with petroleum shortages much earlier than they should. This is not good stewardship.

Fourth, by continuing to burn large amounts of fossil fuel to power motor vehicles, fly airplanes, and generate electricity, we are polluting the atmosphere. It is not healthy for us to breathe in such dirty air.

Fifth, the sheer volume of carbon we are putting in the atmosphere may be changing the climate. People differ in their opinions regarding how much human activity is affecting the climate, but logic tells me that it must be having some affect. Human activity may be speeding up an ongoing natural process.

I will discuss some specifics regarding energy policy in future postings.

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