Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Saving the Environment and the Family

I read with interest in the Poughkeepsie Journal articles concerning how the pope recently made comments promoting environmental awareness as well as traditional marriage. Both are important topics, so I’m glad the pope is keeping these in the public’s awareness. The pope should use his prestige as the leader of roughly half the Christians in the world to address such important issues.

The family is the basic building block of society. Without strong marriages and families, society begins to deteriorate. Studies have shown that women and children suffer the most economically from failed marriages. The weakening of the traditional family is a multi-faceted problem, but the solution begins, I believe, with commitment: a commitment between a husband and wife, and a commitment to include God in their marriage.

If we continue to pollute our environment and deplete our nonrenewable natural resources, we will leave the world much worse off than we found it. As individuals we can and must reduce energy consumption and do other things that are environmentally friendly. We should also make our representatives accountable for finally establishing a comprehensive energy policy for this country that also reduces carbon emissions.

I applaud the pope for addressing these issues.

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