Thursday, January 31, 2008

U.S. Birth Rate Booms

Below is an article of interest concerning the US birthrate and abortions. Bear in mind that the reduction in surgical abortions is being partially offset by the increase in drug-induced abortions. Nevertheless, the US birth rate has gone up.

The United States welcomed 4.3 million babies in 2006 — the most in 45 years. Births were more common in almost every age, racial and ethnic group, and global data show the U.S. has a higher fertility rate at 2.1 — more than every country in continental Europe, as well as Australia, Canada and Japan.

A new report by the Guttmacher Institute, the reproductive-health research organization of Planned Parenthood, also shows that the number of abortions being performed in the U.S. has dropped to 1.2 million a year — the lowest level since 1976.

Quoted from Pastor’s Weekly Briefing, January 17, 2008. © 2008, Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado. All rights reserved.

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