Friday, February 1, 2008

The Judgment of Future Generations

We look back at past generations and ask, “How could they have done that?’ We ask that question about slavery, the near genocide of the American Indian, and a host of other misdeeds. Future generations will look at us and ask the same thing. “How could they let that happen?” How could they have done that?”

What will the judge us on? I think the main thing they will judge us on is our waste of non-renewable natural resources, especially oil. We have squandered our natural resources at an alarming rate, and future generations will have to pay for our profligacy. We will be judged harshly, and rightfully so. Can you see your grandchildren looking at old TV programs or pictures of street scenes, and seeing the behemoths we were driving? “Grandma, you mean you needed a truck to go to the supermarket?”

They will also condemn us for polluting the atmosphere and causing conditions they’ll be stuck with. If the dire predictions are even close to being correct – and we really don’t know for sure until it’s too late – our grandchildren and future generations will be stuck living in a different world: coastal cities either abandoned or having high seawalls to protect them, more extremes of weather, more severe droughts and flooding, etc. Those generations will look back at us and ask, “How could you let this happen? You were warned, but paid no attention.”

When our country becomes a second-rate power and has exported most of its jobs overseas, future generations will condemn us severely. Once you’ve lost it, economic, political, and military power is tough to get back. We’ve let our infrastructure deteriorate, our manufacturing capacity shrink, plus we are dependent on unstable countries which hate us for the lifeblood of our economy – oil. Not a good position to be in.

If future generations turn back to God, then they’ll ask these questions:
“How could you kill over a million unborn babies a year, in the US alone?”
“How could you allow the teaching the godless theory of evolution as fact?”
“How could you allow atheists and secularists to dictate what is allowable in the US? Didn’t you understand the Constitution? What were you thinking?”
“How could you allow the various genocides to occur around the world?”

We have become so fat, dumb, and happy that we can’t see the handwriting on the wall. We continue to turn away from God, we continue our wasteful ways, and we are doing nothing to reverse the downhill slide. I pray for revival, that we will turn back to God; I pray for wisdom that we reverse our wasteful ways; and I pray for guidance that we will stop the slide to decadence and return to the values and discipline that made this country great.

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