Friday, March 28, 2008

The Religious Left

The media and leftist politicians write and speak often of the “Religious Right” and Hillary Clinton once spoke of a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” which included, I would assume, this notorious Religious Right.

With the flap about Obama’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, we are getting a rude awakening – there is a Religious Left! We don’t think about it, but the former Bishop Shelby Spong, a Bishop in the Episcopal Church (now retired) who could only be described as a heretic; the Rev. Jesse Jackson; Hillary Clinton; the whole so-called Jesus Seminar; most seminary professors; and others in academia, the media, and in politics are members of the Religious Left.

With Rev. Wright, there are overtones of racism in addition to his leftist leanings. I say there are racist overtones because he doesn’t appear to care very much for white people. He claimed “the government” developed HIV/AIDS to kill black people. I would presume “the government” in this case must mean white people, unless blacks in government wanted to kill off their brothers and sisters in the African-American community.

We’ve gotten a glimpse into the mind of the Religious Left, and it isn’t always a pretty picture.

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