Thursday, April 24, 2008

Government Incompetence Re Energy

Congress, the President, and big business have waited until it is almost too late to address alternative sources of energy, especially for cars. As a result, $4.00 per gallon gas is just another stepping stone to higher and higher costs. This country, supposedly one of the most progressive in the world, should already have most vehicles powered by an alternative energy source like cheap, nuclear-generated electricity. We should have many nuclear power plants already in operation and a fleet of electric powered cars, so that we should be merely observers in the global run-up of prices. Instead, we’re in the midst of it, in competition with China and India for scarce and ever more expensive oil, and we continue to pollute the air with coal-fired electric plants. We have nobody to blame but ourselves and the self-serving morons we keep electing to Congress.

We have ourselves to blame because we continue to drive huge SUV’s, minivans that aren’t so mini, large pickup trucks, large sedans, and other gas guzzlers. We are now using food to make fuel (rather than using waste products like Brazil does), so we’re driving up food prices around the world (which to me is immoral). So poor people, barely making it, will now be in even worse shape, thanks to our gas guzzlers here in the good old US of A. What’s wrong with us?

The poor and those on limited incomes are hit the worst. Increased food prices, increased cost to heat your home, higher taxes. How are retired people supposed to live? How will the poor survive?

Why can’t we just accept that nuclear energy is the best way to go, build more plants (with all the safety features, government monitoring, etc.), upgrade our electrical grid, and build electric cars? Why doesn’t the government give large tax credits for installing solar panels on the roof? Why can’t we ignore the tree-huggers and drill for more oil to get us over the hump? Who’s running this country, anyways?

The problem is that there is no will to act on behalf of the people. The environmentalists have their agenda, and are powerful. They are anti-nuclear, anti-drilling, anti-everything. The auto industry makes a good profit on huge vehicles, so they have no incentive to make smaller, more efficient vehicles. Why not have a gas-guzzler tax that would essentially tax SUVs out of existence? The oil companies are making obscene profits off the current situation, so what incentive do they have to change? Congress is impotent, so they do nothing. And Albany adds a sale tax to our gas, which is already taxed heavily. You can see how much New York cares about its people.

We need to elect people who will make it a priority to constructively and boldly address these issues. If they don’t, vote them out of office!

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