Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rudy Giuliani and Holy Communion

There was a recent news item that stated Cardinal Egan was upset that Rudy received Communion when the Pope was in town. The reason Egan is upset is that Giuliani has gone against the Catholic Church’s teachings in both his personal life and in his advocacy. Was Giuliani wrong to receive Communion? Is Egan being unreasonable?

To answer those questions, let me first say that Giuliani wants to have it all: live a life inconsistent with his profession of faith in the Roman Catholic Church, yet continue to pretend he is a Catholic in good standing. In my opinion, if you claim to be something, your life should reflect that belief system. He has been divorced twice, and he advocates policies totally at odds with the religion he claims to be loyal to.

We have to remember that the Roman Catholic Church, unlike some Protestant denominations, is unwavering and very clear about its positions on various matters – and it has an opinion on just about every matter. Moreover, the RC Church, unlike many Protestant denominations, is authoritarian and demands that you agree with it in most matters if you want to be considered a Catholic in good standing. I disagree with the Church on a number of things, so that’s why I’m no longer a Catholic.

With all of this in mind, I think Giuliani (as well as John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi) should stop pretending they are Catholics and become Episcopalians. In the Episcopal Church, you get all the ritual, pomp, and circumstance, but nobody will tell you what to believe.

These pretend Catholics are doing themselves and the RC Church a disservice, and they should just be honest with themselves and others by leaving the RC Church for a denomination more suitable to their beliefs and lifestyles.

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