Monday, September 22, 2008

Christians and Jews

In an earlier post I mentioned the attacks and persecution that both Jews and Christians have suffered over the years, sometimes at the hands of each other. Notwithstanding our sorry history, Christians and Jews are natural allies. Christianity came out of Judaism, Jesus was a Jew, the first followers of Jesus were Jews, and much of our Bible is made up of the Hebrew Scriptures. Obviously there are significant differences in our theology, but we still follow the One True God, Jehovah, even if differently.

Let me give you an example of how the anti-Christian bigots in the media are trying to divide Christians and Jews. During the Republican National Convention, Rachel Maddow of NBC blurted out that the head of the Jews for Jesus organization David Bricker had said something unfavorable about the Jews while he was visiting Sarah Palin’s church in Alaska. Chris Matthews, the moderator of that panel discussion, was surprised at this bit of slander and rightfully asked her the source of this item. She said it was from Unfortunately she passed on this erroneous story without further verifying its accuracy, which is very unprofessional.

Later I read something from David Brickner in which he clearly refuted’s slanderous and inaccurate report. There are recordings of his talk to verify his account of what he said. This goes to show the anti-Christian bias of the media, and how they would like to stir up anti-Christian feelings on the part of Jewish people.

You should be aware that conservative Christians in general love the Jews and appreciate our Jewish spiritual roots. We feel we have been grafted into the Jewish spiritual tree (Romans 11). Most conservative Christians are pro-Israel, although certainly believe something must be done for the Palestinians. We believe that Israel has a right to exist in safety and security. We know that when partitioning of that region took place in 1948, a Palestinian-Arab homeland was established as the Kingdom of Jordan (which has a much larger land area than Israel) and Israel was set aside as a Jewish homeland. Yet the Arabs still want to drive the Jews out of their country and take over all of Israel.

The Religious Left, interestingly, is pro-Palestinian and generally less favorably inclined towards Israel. They would have Israel tear down its security wall, which is an unfortunate necessity given the ongoing terrorist attacks by militant Palestinians against innocent Israeli civilians. They don’t seem to care that Palestinians and other Islamic terrorist groups such as Hamas constantly lob rockets into Israeli towns, randomly killing Jews. For whatever reason, Jews are not politically correct but Palestinian terrorists are. What kind of twisted logic is that?

So I ask Jews not to believe the inaccurate reports on Christians you often find in the secular media. Christians, I ask you to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and pray for our nation as well. Christians and Jews, don’t let the enemies of God divide us.

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