Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Made in China

Why do Wal-Mart and other stores insist on selling low-cost, low-quality, and often dangerous products made in China? Let’s look at some key points in this regard:

1. Chinese-made products have been tainted, and have put people and pets at risk. Now there is a children’s milk product that has sickened 53,000 kids in China and killed several. Do you really ever again want to ingest something made in China?

2. Wal-Mart thinks they are doing their customers a favor by selling low-cost goods made in China. However, these products are of such poor quality that they often don’t last very long. Therefore, you still end up paying more money to replace them than you would have buying a quality Made in the USA product. Penny wise, pound foolish.

3. Buying imported products puts Americans out of work. Yes, we can buy something made in China for less, but then we have caused unemployment here. Many Americans are out of work or under-employed because of short-sighted American companies exporting jobs overseas.

We may pay more to buy American-made products, but then we will be able to afford it because more Americans will have higher-paying manufacturing jobs. Look for American-made products when you shop, and buy them instead. Send a message to stores and companies that you don’t want shabby and often dangerous Chinese-made junk in your house. And by all means, never buy a food or vitamin product with Chinese ingredients. The risk isn’t worth the cost savings (if there even is any).

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