Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Above the Law?

I am amazed at all of the high level people who have made “mistakes” when it comes to paying their taxes. Former Senator Daschle is the latest. I don’t believe these otherwise intelligent people could make such “mistakes” in not paying taxes. I suspect they feel they are above the law, and if caught, will get off easily because of their position. Yet they do get caught, and it usually costs them more than just interest and penalties. They are publicly humiliated by the revelation, and they have to withdraw their name from consideration for an important position in government.

While politicians have been less than honest since time began, one would think they might have learned something by now. With aggressive press investigations and other investigatory methods, the deepest, darkest secrets of politicians end up being revealed. Ethically-challenged people should either reconsider going into politics or clean up their act.

Civilizations are based on trust, people doing the right thing (at all levels), and everybody taking responsibility for their actions and caring for others. If we get to the point where we can’t find an honest man (or woman) in Washington, what is going to happen to us as a nation? Pray for our leaders, and pray that God will guide them to make the right decisions for the good of the nation. Pray for our state and local leaders as well, because their challenges are many.

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