Thursday, February 5, 2009

Daschle Doesn’t Deserve to Serve

I wrote in an earlier post about all the “mistakes” politicians have made when it comes to conveniently forgetting to pay taxes. I was especially happy when Daschle went down in flames. The reason is that in my opinion he didn’t really serve the county while in Congress, but rather often served his party at the expense of his country. He was so bad that the Republicans spent millions to defeat him.

As minority and majority leader for the Democrats, he was an obstructionist when it came to Republican initiatives. If the Republicans wanted to get a bill passed, he would try to kill it, even if it was a bill Democrats would generally favor. The reason? It appeared to me that he didn’t want to have the Republicans get credit, even if it benefited the nation. Daschle is a political hack of the worst kind, and I don’t believe he should have been in President Obama’s cabinet. I hope the president selects somebody to lead HHS that is a true administrator with the good of the country in mind, not a political hack who is ethically challenged to boot.

The moral of this story is that if you serve somewhere, whether it is in the workforce, volunteering at a church or charitable organization, in the military or in government, you should strive for the highest ends, not just to further your career or benefit something other than what you were hired or volunteered to do. Not only should you and I operate that way, but we should expect that in our leaders and representatives.

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