Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joe Wilson’s War

The British are probably wondering what all the fuss is about. A congressman shouts out something during the president’s speech. So what? Have you ever seen a House of Commons session on TV? Now that’s a spectacle.

However, Congress is trying to maintain a level of decorum and civility, at least on the surface. So given our tradition, what Rep. Wilson did was out of order, rude, and uncalled for. There are other ways he can express himself other than shouting out during the president’s speech. Having said that, I believe this hoopla about his outburst has gone on too far. Let it go.

Speaking of Congress, the decorum is only on the surface. Washington has become so polarized it’s amazing anything gets done (and very little of substance does get done). Write your congressman and senator, and tell him or her to not be so political and get the people’s work done. We have too many important issues that must be dealt with.

Republicans, be the loyal opposition, and make your opinions heard, even though you have become close to irrelevant because of your lack of accomplishments when you held a majority in both houses. You still have a meaningful (but non-political) role to play. But then be willing to compromise, and don’t be controlled by ideology or the desire to “bring Obama down.” Shame on you for looking at health care reform as a way to bring him down. That’s politics at its worst.

Democrats, don’t get cocky. I hope you learned something when we threw out the Republicans and voted you in. It wasn’t because we especially liked you, but it was because we were hoping you’d get the message and get the job done. So far you’ve been a disappointment. Listen to the people and the loyal opposition, and put aside agendas, special interests, and ideology. We voted you in, and we can vote you out! Remember that.

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