Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Middle America

My wife and I just got back from a two week vacation. We drove out to Branson, MO, and enjoyed the shows they have to offer there. In case you don’t know about Branson, it has clean entertainment. Sort of like Las Vegas, but without the gambling, glitz, and high prices. It is a place you can take your kids or grandma and not worry about them hearing things they shouldn’t.

At the beginning of just about every show, after the usual announcements about the fire exits, turn off cell phones, etc., they would ask all veterans to stand. The audience would then give them a round of applause. As some point in most shows, the main entertainer would mention his or her faith – not in your face, but as a statement of fact. One show started with the audience singing “God Bless America.”

Living on the East Coast, I’m not used to seeing such patriotism and sharing of faith. After all, I’ve never been in a Broadway show in which they asked all veterans to stand. And forget about even mentioning your faith. You might “offend” someone! I think both coasts should be a little more like Middle America and not be so much in the grip of political correctness.

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