Monday, June 21, 2010

More on the Gulf Oil Disaster

There are some who are saying this gulf oil disaster is a sign of the beginning of the End Times. Of course people have been predicting the End Times for 2,000 years, and see signs of the Apocalypse in every major event. I think the End Times will be very obvious when it happens.

While the oil spill is a terrible tragedy, it is still a local event that affects a relatively small area compared with the whole world. So we can’t read into it anything except maybe God trying to get our attention through this man-made catastrophe. It is man’s sinfulness that caused it, and man’s technology (which we have made into a god) that can’t solve it quickly. God can use tragedies for his own purposes, and maybe God’s message to the US from this disaster might be “Trust in Me, not in technology” and “Go and sin no more.”

What do you think?

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