Thursday, February 23, 2012

Introducing Religion into the Campaign

Rick Santorum is criticizing Obama’s environmental “theology” and some are concerned because Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Conservatives still aren’t comfortable with the liberal church Obama attended for years, given some of the inflammatory rhetoric of Pastor Jeremiah Wright. I haven’t seen religion play such a major role in an election since JFK was running for president in 1960.

The Obama administration made matters worse by getting the Roman Catholic Church riled by insisting it pay for health care coverage for lay employees that includes contraception and abortifacients (“morning after pills” which induce an abortion). Even those who view contraception as OK are not happy that Obama is insisting a church must pay for and provide something they believe is morally wrong. If that is allowed to stand, it sets a dangerous precedent.

As a pastor, my religious beliefs are important to me, but so are values and positions on issues. For many, their religious beliefs inform their positions on many matters. However, I don’t think it is appropriate for an opponent to attack a candidate’s religion or theology. Attack the opponent’s positions with logical arguments as to why you believe their view is wrong, and present your own position clearly so people understand your view on the matter. Is that asking too much of the candidates?

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