Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Israel and Iran

One thing you can say about the Middle East – it’s never dull. Now that Saddam is out of the way and Iraq has been neutralized, Iran has become more aggressive. It is a frightening thought that radical Iran may soon possess nuclear bombs and the means to deliver them as far as the U.S. It appears that Israel, whose very existence is at stake, may make a pre-emptive strike to destroy Iran’s nuclear capability.

What Americans fail to realize is that it wouldn’t take much for Iran to deliver bombs to Israel – the distance isn’t that great. Naïve Americans think we can negotiate with radical regimes such as Iran’s, so they are critical of Israel’s attacking Iran to protect itself. If the U.S. happens to be on the receiving end of a couple of nuclear bombs, it would be catastrophic for the cities hit, but the rest of the country would remain intact. With a small country such as Israel, it would take only a few well-placed bombs to wipe out most of the country. We’re talking about annihilation, so of course Israel must do something before Iran’s nuclear bombs and delivery systems are in place.

What Americans also fail to fully comprehend is the level of dedication to Israel’s total destruction that radical Muslim groups and countries have. It borders on an obsession, and they are willing to sacrifice anything, even their own people, to achieve that goal. Just think if the surrounding Arab countries, the Palestinians, and the radical groups such as Hamas would reach a true peace settlement with Israel. The whole region would become prosperous, safe, and at peace. Rather than wasting precious resources on weaponry, infrastructure would be built, jobs would be plentiful, and there would be prosperity for all. Right now the so-called Palestinian people live mostly in squalor with high unemployment. That could change if only the Arabs would reach a peace agreement with Israel and give up trying to destroy it. But destroying Israel is more important to them then giving their fellow Arabs – the Palestinian people – a decent life. The lame offers they occasionally make for peace with Israel are totally unacceptable.

Hopefully now that you better understand the fanaticism of the Muslim countries in the Middle East, you can see why Israel must protect itself, even to the point of conducting a preemptive strike against Iran’s weapons plants. War is generally not the answer, but it is often the only option, especially when you’re dealing with fanatics. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, pray for peace in the region, and pray Iran doesn’t bomb any American, Israeli or other cities.

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