Sunday, December 21, 2014

Give Thanks in All Circumstances – Part 2

When we retired in the middle of 2013, we decided to downsize and live in an apartment if we could find a suitable one. We were fortunate to find a beautiful apartment in the Rivercrest complex off Brockway Blvd., near Dutchess Stadium. It was relatively new construction, spacious enough for the two of us, had a fireplace, loft, central air, a one-car garage, and a river view. It was ideal for us, and we planned to live there for the foreseeable future.

Things don’t always turn out as planned. The Jehovah’s Witnesses bought the entire apartment complex in November or December 2014, presumably to house their own people. No leases are being renewed and no new leases are being signed. So we have to vacate by no later than April 30, when our lease is up. That means we are back to looking for either an apartment rental or possibly a condo purchase.

What’s annoying about this, aside from the disruption and inconvenience, is the fact that there has been minimal communication from the new owner, ROSM Housing Management (owned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses). There are residents who don’t realize their leases aren’t going to be renewed. I just told one of our neighbors and she was shocked – didn’t have a clue. The new owner will give 60 days notice, but that isn’t enough time for some people. This has been handled very poorly.

In addition, there’s been nothing about this in the local media that I’ve seen. This is news that should have been covered.

Once we realized what was going on, we immediately started looking for a new apartment or townhouse. In the midst of all this, I happened to be speaking with a friend and mentioned our housing situation. He suggested my wife and I come over take a look at his townhouse and the development to see what we think. So we went over to his development (still under construction). We were favorably impressed by his unit, and he suggested we talk with the sales office to see what might be available in our timeframe. As it turned out there is a unit becoming available that we really like. So we are going to buy it.

We thank God for keeping us calm during this stressful time, and for directing us to this new house. Trusting that God has a plan for us gives us peace and comfort. Since change is inevitable and often unexpected, “In God We Trust” should be our motto. May God bless you and guide in whatever circumstances you are finding yourself in.

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