Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Violent Protests against Violence

It’s ironic that those protesting against violence (by police) end up doing violence themselves: looting, burning, hitting cops, setting police cars on fire, etc. You lose credibility when you protest for justice and then commit crimes yourself. I remember back in 1968 at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago how things turned violent very quickly. Things haven’t improved much since then when you consider Ferguson, NYC, and other cities where violent demonstrations have taken place.

It’s sad that out of this anti-police demonstrating a deranged person killed two NYC police officers execution-style while they sat in their car. Weak minded people hear this rhetoric and then go out and punch or shoot a cop. I think the time for demonstrating is over, and now it’s time to heal. Enough is enough.

Yes, our system of justice is not perfect, but it’s all we’ve got and it’s still better than what many countries have. Rioting in the street won’t improve it. Killing cops won’t improve it. But there are some things that can and should be done to improve the safety and quality of life for the general population.

There is one serious flaw in our justice and health systems that really has to change for the good and safety of the people. Did you notice that the guy who killed the two NYC cops had been arrested 19 times and had a history of mental illness? I believe anybody who is arrested so many times becomes more and more of a threat to society as time goes on, and should be locked up for good because he is up to no good. He is a serious crime just waiting to happen. Similarly, people with a serious mental illness that pose a threat to society should be put in institutions where they can get some level of care and will be off the streets. Right now you have mentally ill people roaming the streets, living in cardboard boxes, committing various crimes, and putting people and themselves at risk.

Don’t Americans deserve to be protected from those who are a danger to them? Some say those with mental illnesses also have rights, yet don’t you and I have a reasonable expectation of safety when standing on a subway platform or walking down a street? In a civilized society, dangerous mentally ill people should not be out there posing a threat to themselves and others. They should be cared for and kept off the streets.

One more thing. More gun control isn’t the answer. Yes, we need to tighten gun control by closing loopholes, but the real problem is that gun owners don’t always secure their weapons. Many teens who have shot up schools (such as in Newtown and Columbine) got a parent’s unsecured gun and ammunition. Also, it isn’t just guns that kill, but knives, clubs and other weapons.

The problem of violence in this country goes much deeper than gun control. Sociopaths, the mentally ill, and others who may pose a danger need to be identified and treated before they commit acts of violence. We can’t go on having our schools shot up, malls and stores attacked, and gang violence resulting in innocent bystanders being shot and killed.

If the protesters want a cause, they should demonstrate against gang violence, which often catches innocent people in the cross-fire. Gangs kill a lot more blacks than cops. Children are hit by stray bullets while watching TV in their living room. Something’s wrong with a society that can’t keep its kids safe.

We have enough enemies and dangers from without (terrorism); we don’t need threats from within.

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