Sunday, December 16, 2007

Political Correctness (Part I)

In reading some of my posts on this blog, you may have concluded I’m not very fond of political correctness (PC). You’re right, I’m not. Why? I’ve got several reasons why I believe PC is just plain wrong. During this Christmas season I’m especially aware of PC because PC dictates we use the innocuous “holiday” instead of Christmas. We have holiday sales, happy holidays, holiday parties, holiday trees, holiday presents – all so we don’t “offend” a tiny minority of militant atheists. That, of course, is just another excuse to eliminate God and Christ from our society.

Below are nine reasons why I hate PC:

(1) PC is dictatorial and totalitarian, something like the “Thought Police” in a futuristic novel. The elites who control PC tell you how to think, how to speak, and how to act. If you step out of line, you are not to be tolerated. Just look at how “open-minded” colleges operate if you want to see the epitome of PC and narrow-mindedness. So much for free speech.

(2) PC takes great pains to make sure no atheist, anti-Christian, or anti-Semite is “offended” in any way by the actions or speech of people of faith. The result is that the majority of people (over 90% of the population that celebrates Christmas in some way or another) are offended by having to say “holiday” rather than “Christmas”. Moreover, they must refrain from any public expressions of their faith, while militant atheists trample over our rights and ridicule people of faith. Constitutional guarantees of freedom to practice religion are being slowly eroded by PC and courts that are sympathetic to the goals of Christ-haters.

(3) PC is anti-God, definitely anti-Christian, and to a large extent anti-Semitic. So to me it is the antithesis of religious faith, sort of the antichrist of our present age. PC’s goal is to stamp out God, faith, and religion from society, and to establish the new secular religion of a godless PC with its own set of morals and values dictating how we are to live and behave.

(4) PC is radically feminist, to the point of being ridiculous. In seminaries, for example, PC dictates you can’t ever refer to God in the masculine (such as using the masculine pronouns “he”, “him” or “his”). You get points off your papers of you break this rule.

More on PC in future posts.

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