Monday, December 17, 2007

Political Correctness (Part II)

In an earlier post I began my discussion of why I am thoroughly against political correctness (PC). I have nine reasons why I think it is wrong. The first four were in my earlier post, and the remaining five are listed below:

(5) PC forces “tolerance” but it is a PC-dictated type of tolerance, not tolerance in the more general sense as we would understand it. Despite “tolerance” being the cardinal virtue of PC, those who are PC are the most intolerant people you could ever meet. They are intolerant, nasty, and mean-spirited concerning anybody that disagrees with them. If you aren’t PC, you are less than human, and are criticized in no uncertain terms.

(6) In the wacky world of PC, some groups are elevated above others. Gays, women, non-whites, atheists, and religious and political liberals are elevated, while white males, heterosexuals, religious conservatives, and political conservatives are devalued as inferior. Thus you have “hate crimes”, which makes it a more serious offense to hurt, kill or even “offend” one of these groups with your constitutionally protected speech. Yet when Christians are offended by the hate speech of people like Rosie O’Donnell, there isn’t a peep out of the PC types. Talk about a double-standard.

Interestingly there is a pecking order to this valuing of one group over another. African Americans and Hispanics rank high in the PC scale, but let one be a conservative (such as Clarence Thomas or former Attorney General Gonzalez) and they are ridiculed and treated as subhuman. So the worst “sin” in the PC world is being conservative or Republican.

(7) PC hates anything that reflects the traditional values that have guided this country through more that 200 years of history. PC looks down at patriotism as chauvinistic and almost immoral, somehow a betrayal of PC values. Because PC abhors American traditional values, the PC educational elites have rewritten American history to eliminate God and religion from it, to make European-Americans appear evil, to make our history less Euro-centric and more Afro-centric, and to downplay or revise entire historical events (such as the first Thanksgiving). Look at your child’s history textbooks if you don’t believe me.

(8) PC brainwashes you to think the way they do by making sure its views and positions are constantly in the media and in the schools (both of which are bastions of PC and left-wing thought). In our schools, Darwinism is taught as fact and children are exposed to pro-homosexual propaganda at an early age, just to mention two items. Immorality is promoted in schools through sex education, and the killing of a pre-born baby is promoted as “women’s reproductive rights.” In the entertainment industry, just watch almost any sitcom to see what values are being promoted.

(9) Finally, PC is elitist. The PC elites know best, and the rest of us ignorant peasantry must toe the line, yielding to their superior intellect. There is no room for a reasonable discussion because PC is, by definition, correct and every other viewpoint is wrong, evil, or misguided. Religion is superstition and patriotism is intolerance.

More on PC in a future post.

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