Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Political Correctness (Part III)

In earlier posts I laid out nine reasons why I am thoroughly against political correctness (PC). This post wraps up and summarizes my thoughts on PC.

As you can see from the nine reasons I spelled out in earlier posts, I am thoroughly against political correctness. I am against PC mainly because of its dictatorial methods and anti-God positions. PC is taking this country down wrong paths, and many Christians are conforming to the PC mold without seeming to realize how anti-Christian it is.

We as Christians are supposed to be counter-cultural, just as the early Christians were different from the pagan cultures they came out of. They rejected paganism and worldly values for a higher calling and biblical values. Yet today too many people are surrendering to neo-paganism and secularism, represented by PC and promoted by militant atheists. We have been letting the PC juggernaut roll over us and our families for too long. Whether we realize it or not, people of faith do have rights in this country, yet we are often hesitant to fight for them because of the strident and aggressive tactics of the PC crowd. So we back down and roll over, giving them the upper hand in dictating what we can say and do, and what we are forbidden to say and do.

When Christians do push against PC and secularism, and try to defend traditional values and morality, we are portrayed as “too political” or mean-spirited. See a future post for more on the impressions people have of Christians.

Some day we’ll wake up to a Brave New World completely run by PC, with few individual rights left to us. The Constitution will have been totally rewritten by the courts, which already subscribe to the belief that it is a “living” document subject to constant reinterpretation rather than an unchanging foundational document. Ultimately we could find ourselves in a society where values are turned upside down and certain unpopular groups are oppressed. I’m hoping revival comes first (or Jesus returns).

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