Thursday, November 6, 2008

President of All?

Some people have worried that because Obama’s voting record leans far to the left, he would be a president for the Liberals more than president for all. Of course we don’t know how the Obama presidency will shape up, but from the way he talks, he will be a president for all. Let’s hope so.

Need Effective Solutions

As I mentioned in my earlier blog on the subject, I believe he will take care of the noisiest part of his base in his first 100 days. This will get them off his back for the time being, and he will then be able to concentrate on fixing many of the problems this country faces. Let’s hope his solutions to our problems are effective and consistent with American values. He will have to remember that we aren’t Europe, so European solutions won’t work here.

It’ll Take Time

Bear in mind two things. First, the president is limited in what he can accomplish. He needs a cooperative Congress, for one thing, and Congress can be notoriously ineffective. Secondly, these problems are the result of years of neglect and mismanagement. Some of these problems will take years to get resolved. Don’t expect all of our problems to go away overnight. A quick fix, even if possible, most likely won’t be a good long-term solution.

New Era

I’m also hoping that the Obama presidency will usher in a new era of racial harmony. When whites see an African-American president who goes against the ugly stereotypes we have built up over the years, then maybe opinions will change. When blacks see an African-American president elected by a significant majority of the population and admired by many whites, maybe their resentment and anger will diminish, and true healing can take place. The tears of joy in the eyes of my African-American friends testify that a new era may be dawning. Let’s hope so.


As I mentioned in my earlier blog, pray for this new administration, for this new congress, and for our country as a whole. Pray that relations between the races will improve, and that color will no longer be an issue. Pray that this country will return to the values that made it great, and that those with a Christian background will return to the faith of their fathers. Without God in the equation, success is doubtful. Pray without ceasing.

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