Friday, November 7, 2008

Why Did Obama Win?

There has been a lot of discussion in the media as to why Obama won and not McCain. I think there is validity to much of what they have been saying, although I believe Obama’s victory can not be attributed to just one major factor or any particular group. Below is a list of those things contributing to his victory and the victory of many Democrats over Republicans in the House and Senate races.

Republicans Unpopular: the do-nothing Republican Congresses and a wildly unpopular and incompetent president were major factors. But we can’t blame Bush entirely.

People Want Change: Because Washington hasn’t accomplished much for many years and politicians are more interested in their own welfare and the good of the party over caring about the people who elected them, the people want “change.” The current office-holders had better understand what “change” means, or they will be voted out too.

Economic Problems: Although the current economic problems are the result of years of mismanagement and neglect, the current president was blamed by many for the problem. Since McCain is a Republican, it is guilt by association.

The Campaigns: Obama ran a brilliant campaign, while McCain’s campaign was lacking (where was Karl Rove when they needed him?) He was not the same McCain we knew from only a few years ago, and Gov. Palin’s handlers did a terrible job with her.

McCain’s Judgment Questioned: His selection of a relatively unknown, Gov. Palin, called into question his judgment.

Age vs. Race: McCain’s age was against him, while Obama’s race wasn’t a major factor for many whites (although he certainly lost some white votes, but that was made up by the African-Americans who voted for him primarily because he is black).

Charisma: Obama has Kennedy-esque charisma, while McCain wasn’t particularly inspiring. I remember the 1960 election, and JFK was an inspiring speaker whose rhetoric produced hope and optimism.

Republicans Perceived as Out of Touch: If the Republicans don’t cooperate with the Democrats and instead act as obstructionists in matters of grave importance to the future of this country, they will lose even more seats in the next election.

All of these produced the “perfect storm” for the Democrats. Let’s pray that the Democrats will be effective in solving this country’s problems, and will no longer pander to the special interests. The people must come first! If they continue with business as usual in Washington, then vote the bums out. Eventually our politicians will get the message.

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