Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Anti-Catholic Bias

Recently President Obama spoke at Georgetown University, a Jesuit school in Washington, DC. Obama’s advance men ordered that all religious symbols in the university’s auditorium that might get on camera must be removed or covered up. Amazingly, that Catholic university complied!

I’m not saying the president was involved or even know about it, because the President of the United States wouldn’t get involved in such details. However, the fact that his advance men requested such a thing shows the extent to which this nation has departed from its core values and the First Amendment of the Constitution.

It also shows how political correctness has completely taken over academia, even such venerable Catholic universities as Georgetown. Pray for this country, that God will stop this spiral downward into the abyss of tyranny by the “enlightened” few (the mavens of PC) and we will start to practice real tolerance, respect, and we will honor diversity of opinions and religious practice.

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