Thursday, April 30, 2009

More on the Miss California Controversy

If you aren’t aware of the Miss California Controversy, please see my earlier post on the subject called “The Thought Police Strike Again”. What has happened is that Miss California’s answer to a loaded question has set off a firestorm of hate speech, hyperbole, and abusive language on the part of the political correctness crowd. A pageant official said in a recent statement that in essence she has no right to her own opinion, which actually makes no sense when you think about it. What he was really saying was that she must tow the party (i.e., PC) line. Any other opinion is invalid.

These are the same people who proclaim “tolerance” as a cardinal virtue, and claim to support the American way. I guess their version of the American way excludes free speech these days. Pray for our country, that the tyrannical grip of political correctness and intolerance gets supernaturally loosened.

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