Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Artist Andy Warhol is said to have coined the phrase “15 minutes of fame” as part of a larger quote. Some people go a little too far in trying to achieve their 15 minutes. It’s a sad commentary on how desperate some people are to be relevant or to matter. Celebrity status becomes their god because they don’t have God in their lives.

Recently we had the “balloon boy” hoax which received national attention. The father of a young boy said his son was in a homemade balloon that was floating hundreds of feet in the air and riding the currents to who knows where. This received nationwide media attention and millions prayed the boy would be all right. It turns out the boy was hiding at home, and was perfectly safe. Further investigation revealed that this was a hoax because the family wanted to be on a reality TV show. What kind of a person does such a thing?

Then there were the uninvited guests who crashed the party at the White House. This couple got past Secret Service security and ended up shaking hands with the President at a White House dinner for Indian Prime Minister Singh. They got their 15 minutes of fame, which will hopefully be followed by a fine or jail sentence. You don’t just walk into the White House and get away with it!

If you feel you are insignificant or don’t matter, think again. “Jesus loves you, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” You matter to Jesus, and that’s what counts. You can have your 15 minutes of fame, and then it’s over. Or you can decide to follow Jesus, and you get to spend eternity with him. 15 minutes or eternity – what do you think?

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