Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pray for Our Leaders

In an earlier post I suggested we pray for our leaders, since like it or not, our future is in their hands. They have inherited a terrible mess, and it will take determination and resolve to get this country back on track. I have doubts whether Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have what it takes to do what is needed. As a matter of fact, I question the ability of Congress and the various state chambers (especially Albany and Sacramento) to do the right things, even in time of severe crisis.

Health care reform is long overdue, but they shouldn’t wreck or dismantle what is in place. Congress must find a way to reduce costs, eliminate fraud, implement tort reform, and provide coverage for the uninsured.

Energy policy should have been well underway in the 1970s, after the Arab oil embargos showed how vulnerable we are. Congress and the various presidents did nothing for 30 years, and still aren’t addressing the problem.

We are heavily in debt to China because of our imbalance of trade with them. That is a scary thought, and I don’t know what we can do to reduce or eliminate that debt. I think we are well on our way to becoming a second-rate country that will be at the mercy of China, India, and other countries very soon – if we aren’t already.

State, county and municipal budgets are in terrible shape, but those leaders don’t know how the cut costs. They must stop increasing taxes and make the tough decisions. If they can’t or won’t, we must vote them out until we finally have leaders who can lead.

So pray for our country and its leadership (such as it is). I believe only prayer can turn this country around. Now would be a good time for this nation to stop trying to eliminate God from everything and turn to God in faith with prayer. God helped this country through tough times before (Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, and the dark days after the Kennedy Assassination) because we as a country put our faith in God. Now forces, small in number but powerful, are successfully driving God from public consciousness, and are ridiculing and marginalizing people of faith. Then we wonder why this decade has been so bad for the U.S.!

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