Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Disaster after Another

I never thought I would live to see the kind of disasters we’ve had just since the turn of this century. We had an American city almost completely destroyed by a hurricane (New Orleans), and Galveston, Texas, was pretty much wiped off the map by one. We had a series of terrible terrorist attacks on 9/11/01 that killed thousands of people. Now the gulf coast of four states is being ruined by massive quantities of oil, which was not a terrorist attack but might as well have been. We wonder, what’s going to happen next?

In addition to these disasters, the world political situation isn’t good. There are new tensions on the Korean peninsula. The Middle East is heating up, and things could really get bad if Iran acquires atomic bombs. Economically, Europe is very shaky, and their problems could result in a “double-dip” recession here. In addition, several American states are almost in as bad a financial shape as Greece.

I’m not one of those people who claim the end of the world is coming every time there’s a calamity or war. However, I’m beginning to wonder why all this is happening, especially to the United States. The gulf oil spill is a disaster of nearly biblical proportions. Is God trying to get our attention? Maybe we should turn back to the God of our grandparents, the God of the founders of this country, and the God who has blessed us so much. If we do, we won’t be immune from troubles, but maybe God will look down on us a little more favorably.

When things are good, we go merrily along thinking we don’t need God. Oh, but we do! From where did those blessings come? I watched the series “America, The Story of Us” and it reminded me of how blessed we have been. Let’s stop ignoring the source of those blessings and return to the faith of our fathers.

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