Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Terrible Traffic Accident

I read with joy the survival of that young man who ran off the Taconic Parkway and lived for over four days before being found. No water, no food, but somehow he made it. By the way, I think I’m staying off the Taconic from now on. Too many strange things happen on that road.

Then I read with sadness the death of Kyle Schmidt, a student at the Beacon High School. He was riding his bike down a hill and went through a stop sign, colliding with the right front fender of a car driven by another BHS student. He was pronounced dead at the scene. See the Poughkeepsie Journal article for more on this tragedy.

What brings this close to home for me is that a number of the high school kids at church either knew Kyle or know the driver. I feel bad for all concerned, because this is such a traumatic experience:

-For the Schmidt family, who tragically lost a 15 year old;
-For the driver and her family;
-For the boys who were accompanying Kyle on their bikes and witnessed this accident;
-For their family and friends.

I’m hoping that out of this unspeakable tragedy comes some good:

-It brings BHS kids closer together as they realize the fragility of life and how short it can be:
-It brings these kids closer to God, who can provide them with the comfort and assurance they need;
-It can serve as a warning that roads are dangerous and driving (whether a bike, motorcycle, or car) is serious business.

May God bless the families involved and give them peace and comfort in this time of trial.
May God make some good come out of this, perhaps saving some lives in the future so that Kyle’s death will not be in vain.
May God bless and comfort the BHS kids during this time of trial and bring them closer to himself as they ponder the shortness of life and eternity.
May God give us the strength to help those who are grieving.

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