Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bias Against Christians

The mainstream media doesn’t report on it, mainly because they are part of the problem. What I’m talking about is bias against Christians. You may ask, how can the majority be discriminated against? Christians may be in the majority, but the media and academia are powerful forces in this country. They can influence people’s thinking with their ridicule of Christianity and by other means. In addition, the courts have been using an erroneous interpretation of the First Amendment to limit religious activity by Christians.

Amazingly, those same people who are biased against Christianity are upset because President Trump appears to be discriminating against Muslims with his travel ban. Doesn’t it occur to these people that some Muslims present a threat to our security so that immigration must be controlled? It was Muslims who flew into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and who continue with terrorist attacks in the US, Europe, and even against their fellow Muslims. Of course these terrorists represent only a small number of Muslims, but even a small number can do tremendous damage, so we need to identify them and weed them out.

Those who are so upset because they feel Muslims are being unfairly targeted should remember that it was Muslims who conduct acts of terrorism, not Christians. They should also understand that our battle isn’t with Islam as a religion as much as it is against an Islamic culture that wants to take over the world. These fanatics use Islam the religion (and certain verses from the Qur’an) as their justification for their evil deeds.

Getting back to discrimination against Christians, let’s stop using the First Amendment in an attempt to marginalize Christians. The Muslim terrorists call on their god – shouldn’t we be looking to our God to help and protection?

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