Friday, March 10, 2017

Explaining the Election II

The Message of Trump’s Victory

How could somebody like Donald Trump become President? He managed to insult just about every group, yet he was elected. He’s been called xenophobic, misogynist, and every other thing you can think of, but still the people voted him in.

I believe Trump won the election for two reasons:

(1) First, the people are beginning to realize the liberal agenda (see last couple of posts) isn’t addressing the issues that affect them the most. The liberal agenda is all about LGBT, abortion, and inclusion. Other issues, such as the disappearing middle class, are mentioned but no action is taken by the liberals to remedy the situation. Who’s fighting for the “average Joe?” Certainly not the democrats.

(2) Second, Trump won because the people are sick of politicians working for the party and not for them They are also fed up with a do-nothing Congress that has failed time and time again to address critical issues, but instead pays political games.

In the next two elections, one of two things is going to happen:

(1) With majorities in the House and Senate, the Republicans have a golden opportunity to get important things done. If the Republicans and Trump effectively address the critical issues facing this nation (see earlier post), they might get even larger majorities because they have shown themselves willing to govern. They will be able to buck the trend of the party in power losing seats in the mid-term election.

If this happens, either the Democrats face the prospect of irrelevancy or they shape up and work with Republications to solve the problems still facing us.

(2) If the Republicans fail to work with Trump and don’t effectively address the critical issues, they will be voted out of power. The will lose their majorities and face the prospect of irrelevancy. Trump will be a one-term president and the democrats will be in power.

Rather than spending so much time fund-raising so they can get reelected, politicians should seek reelection based on being effective in solving the problems we face.

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